Write, Listen, Broadscast.

Any business can benefit from a professional service at low prices..

We offer 2 up-to-date technological innovations; MiC and the Parrot.
Simple revolutionnary technology, fast and efficient.

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Create your own on-hold messages live!
Select your royalty free music, write your text,
choose your voice and mix your own
message on-hold.

On air throughout your network in just 30 seconds! Personalized advertisments in your on-hold messages that offer you complete freedom and autonomy. The privileged communication space provided by your on-hold message will allow you to optimize your image, to emphasize your strengths time and strenghthen your presence.


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Standalone software that allows you to plan a schedule of messages at variable interval, fixed and repetitive broadcast on your sales floor.

You have a charitable cause to promote, You have some stocks in inventory to liquidate quicly, You have a limited promotion duration, You have a public interest message, You have an instant discount in a short duration, ou will have the possibility of combininmg a supplier at your promotion to split the costs with you. You are in full control of the content, the lenght of your messages, and the number of changes. All your changes are unlimited. 30 seconds are enough to upload your new message after typing your text. You can simply talk about your business, You can inform your clients about your business hours, You can inform your clients that your company is a partner in a major event, You can inform your clients that you will be closed for some holiday period or holiday season, You can promote birthdays, You can promote the launch of a new product!

Treat yourself to our technologies ....

Be always ready to broadcast your informations at anytime AT NO EXTRA COST!

Simple, quick and very effective! Write your text, select your music, create your final mix and go! Your messages will be broadcast in only 30 seconds throughout your whole network!

With a choice of 30 narrators male or female to your fingertips and available in several languages. YOU JUST HAVE TO MAKE YOUR CHOICE!

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